January 24, 2008

the things kids say...

In being able to share my pregnancy with not only my class but also other students at my school, I have encountered the most, shall we say, creative of comments.

Here are a few highlights from the past 6 months of school:

"When were you diagnosed with your pregnancy?"

"How is the baby doing today, Mrs. Mauss?"

"Do you know how it's going to come out?"
my response: "Yes. And it's going to be really difficult so pray for me!"

One second grader went up to his teacher after Christmas break and asked her if I was pregnant. When she said yes, this was his response:
"Oh. I thought so. But I didn't want to be rude."

And my favorite time of day has to be walking past the long line of primary kids on their way out to recess (as I head to lunch) and seeing the adorable kindergarten and first graders point to my belly, give me a shy wave, and "whisper" to each other: "She has a baby in there!" I sooooo can't wait to have my own!!!

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