February 14, 2008

home sweet home

Each and everyday our house feels more like home. (Maybe it's because I'm cleaning more...j/k) Or maybe it's because it has morphed so much since we've moved in! In all actuality, even if these projects never ocurred, I am so greatful to be living in the city and the area we are. God has blessed us so much here, with the people and situations we've encountered.

Here are some pictures (as promised) of all the work we've done since the end of November.
(you can click on them to view them larger)

What the baby's room looked like BEFORE:

And, now, the AFTER photos!

This is the beautiful changing table my dad built!!! It is absolutely gorgeous, and the pics don't do it justice. He added such great detailing and how cool will it be to tell baby Mauss his grandpa built it. Plus, whenever I change poopy diapers, I'll think of my dad =)

St. Michael guarding the bedroom door, with the "Jesus Loves Me" sign I've had since I was a baby:

the crib is currently being used as storage! (we received a beautiful bassinet from shelley and sue mauss to use in our bedroom for the time being)

our bedroom, recently painted

what the bathroom looked like BEFORE. (notice, there is NO closet!)

woila! because we (Michael) took out the chimney, we were able to put in a full closet!
I also love waynes coting, so....we added some in the bathroom

here is the new trim (not quite painted yet) that will go around all the doors
this closet is also new, once again because the chimney is gone (yes, Michael you were right...)

my dad helped finish the new floor trim last weekend...thanks dad!

Michael working on rewiring

what the backyard looked like BEFORE. I have some "after pictures" but will post those later. I especially like the one with Michael on the excavator! In the past 3 weeks, Michael has torn down the back fence, torn up the backyard (including taking out the 2 huge trees we had), gotten the new garage plans approved, hired the concrete guy, and yesterday the forms were poured! whew...we get the slab poured soon, when we'll also have a slab poured right outside the back of the house. Instead of keeping the laundry down in the basement, we're putting a laundry/mud room off the back of the house...And all this with a newborn?? I'm glad I love my husband!

this is our old garage, and after yesterday the door is now filled in with concrete. We'll be filling in the driveway with dirt, and flattening it out to make a new part of the yard


mlyster said...
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mlyster said...

Your house is SO ADORABLE, but you and your little bump are even more precious! I am totally in love with the whole prego look and you definitely make it look SUPER CUTE! Good luck with the baby and maybe we will run into each other sometime if we're both back in Vancouver at good ol' Nordies! :0)

- Molly

Seminarian said...

Wow. Nice work you two. Hopefully I'll be able to stop by some time soon and see it.

Andrew St.Hilaire said...

Beautiful! Way to turn the place around in a flash.

Kate said...

So, uh, Michael … You wanna come work on our house next? ; )

Can't believe Baby Mauss will be here soon. We are so excited for you, and we pray for you all the time.

xoxoxo -- Kate

Erin said...

Wow...what an amazing job you guys have done. Did you know how to do all this, or just learn as you go?? Mike- my sister says she knows you...she is Meghan Verhofstadt, she just got married so now Meghan Sturhahn...she said you knew you down in Mt. Angel..and your sister Shelley when she was dating the youth minister or something?? Maybe one day we can meet and your little one!!