February 19, 2008

if bill cosby has anything to do with it...

...we will definitely have a happy baby! I admit it - I'm hooked on the Cosby Show. Michael and I have really basic cable (meaning 13 channels, half of which are PBS) and a while back I started watching the Cosby Show in the afternoons. I'm telling you, I wish more shows were like this. Not only is it good TV, but I laugh so hard every time I watch it! And if that's the case, baby Mauss sure is getting some happy endorphins from his or her mom!

Speaking of baby Mauss, my due date is Sunday (the 24th) and we are definitely ready to meet this baby! I have been having pretty consistent contractions for a while now, but none that have progressed into all out labor. I had an appointment this morning (everything looks good!) and I go in again on Friday. However, tomorrow is a Full Moon so we'll see if that gets this baby out!

Up until yesterday my pregnancy has flown by. But now that I'm not teaching anymore (weird) I'm trying to fill my days until the "big day." We're getting a little anxious, however I'm trying to keep it in perspective. I did get a wonderful nap in this afternoon and Mike and I are enjoying good time together - it won't be long until it's not just the 2 of us anymore! God knows the timing of our little one's entrance into the world, and we must wait.

Our prayer for the past few weeks has been for a safe and holy delivery. If you could join us on this, it'd be much appreciated! I ask Mary all the time that my experience will be like hers - that I will be able to offer up the pain of labor and also be open to receive the gifts and surprises that birth will bring. I'm excited to give birth at St. Joseph's because it is a Catholic hospital and they always have a nun or priest on duty. A lady from our church was even able to receive Holy Communion when she was in labor! May God provide for us and our family in the same way. =)

Keep us in your prayers!


Tom & Carrie Herring said...

I love you, Kris. We're praying for you all. Despite all the pain and worries, labor truly is a beautiful experience when you can unite it to Our Lord's suffering on the Cross. And it's true what Jessi & Cheri told me -- you really do experience amnesia almost immediately after your baby is in your arms looking in to your eyes for the first time. Enjoy every moment, my friend. Can't wait to talk to you!

Kate said...

You, Michael and Baby Mauss have been in my thoughts and prayers for the past several weeks. I am sure God is holding you and Michael close during this exciting and life-changing time, and I am asking Mary to be with you as you bring Baby Mauss into this world. We can't wait to meet your little blessing.

Val said...

Jon and I have been saying many a rosary for you and baby! We'll keep praying for a beautiful delivery and graces to be fabulous parents!! Can't wait to see yet another Shalomer baby :)