February 21, 2008

missing my kiddos...

I was sitting in Mass this morning when it hit me how much I miss my third graders. Looking back to college, I really never thought I was going to be a teacher (maybe I thought the money tree was going to grow in my backyard!) and here I am now, missing being one.

Last year I had a wonderful class, and this year is even better. I struggled at the beginning of this year, knowing I would have to "train" a whole slew of kids over again and I wasn't looking all that forward to it. But as the school year progressed, I realized what an incredible bunch of kids were in front of me, and how much I liked being with them. I am amazed not only how God used me for them in ways I never expected, but also everything they taught me through their own holiness.

Here is just a brief list of what I will miss about them:

~kids coming up to me and mentioning others in our class they saw practicing virtues
~hearing them pray for baby Mauss every morning
~laughing and joking with them (and making fun of them...j/k)
~getting the shy ones to laugh and the proud ones to be humble
~hearing them use words like: humble, virtue, saint, God's will
~experiencing them develop such fine-tuned consciences and seeing them not only make "morally-good" decisions, but also approach me and tell me when they did not
~asking for my advice with friends and with their relationships with God

I will continue to pray for "my" third-graders - that they will take what they've acquired thus far and continue to be holy and successful students.
And now I must shift my attention to my true vocation...that of being a mom. As this new chapter opens in my life I am excited to know that, even though I love my students so much, the love I will possess for my child exceeds anything I can imagine. I simply can't wait!

Here are some pictures of Valentines we made for Jesus (on Valentine's Day, my last day with my class) They are so sincere and so precious.

in our class, we are not allowed to use the word "things" in our writing. so see if you can figure out which word they like to use instead!

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Val said...

Hee hee! Items!! That's hilarious.