March 5, 2008

More Avila Marie!

Click the link to view just a few pictures of Avila @ 2 days old.
Thanks to my sister who is an amazing photographer.

Also, Kristine wants me to assure everyone that she will be blogging about labor soon, she has been just a little bit preoccupied.


noreen said...

She is just gorgeous! Thanks to Shelley for capturing a bit of her magic to share with us all. It really made my day. And, please, Kristine, don't worry for half a second about not blogging yet. Your birth story will be with you forever and we'll all be happy to hear it. Treasure these precious minutes and enjoy new mommyhood. And, I know it sounds trite, but try to sleep any spare moment you have!

Seminarian said...

Awesome pics. She's beautiful. I can't wait for her to make final vows!