March 1, 2008

Of Contractions & Labor Pains!

We are in the hospital at this moment. Kristine's water broke this evening on our way out to a date night for dinner. We decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner together since we thought baby Mauss was not coming anytime soon. We were dressed in some dapper attire ready to enjoy our night on the town when Kristine said to me, "We better call the doctor I think my water broke." So here we are blogging from the labor room, working though contractions in prayer. Baby Mauss will be here soon. Please pray for a holy and safe labor.


Kate said...

saw your post about an hour ago. I have been praying like crazy! God bless!

Shelly said...

Hmmm. Laetare Sunday, the Sunday of Joy-- and PINK!!

Shelly says it must be a girl. Joseph and Bill are still holding out for a boy. Who's right???

God Bless and Keep you both through this trying time. But oh what a joy and relief (Laetare)!!!


The Perez Family

Seminarian said...

What? No Live Blogging?!