March 12, 2008

we're back in business!

So, I managed to make it to the computer! I finally figured out to use my cool new sling and although it took some singing and dancing to get Avila to like it, too, she is now sound asleep (besides the random grunting) while I am able to get stuff done!

These past 10 days have been wonderful, emotional, a bit easier and a bit harder than I thought, but above all surreal as we get to know our beautiful daughter more and more. She is so precious and being parents is the best gift God has given us in our marriage.

Looking back on the post from the day I went into labor (weird) I can now see in hindsight God's incredible Providence shine through Avila's entrance into the world. On that Saturday I had completely abandoned myself to the fact that I'd have to be induced and that my "plans" would be changed. I trusted God that he would allow labor to still be the experience we had on our hearts. So, that afternoon I ran some errands and then Michael and I decided to enjoy some time together in the last days as just us two. We put on some Norah Jones and got all dressed up for dinner and a night on the town. Just as we got into the car I turned to Michael and said, "I think my water broke!" (What timing...) Just thinking it was a false alarm I still called my doctor and he sent us to the hospital. People must've thought we were weird as we walked into the ER all cheery and dressed up. (Previously I envisioned myself stumbling into the ER with the baby half out, barely able to talk!) They sent us right up to the birth center to get checked out and sure enough, at 8:00pm we found out we were about to have a baby!

Michael in the new birthday jacket I got him

Before the real thing got under way

Contractions started slowly on their own and I was given Cytotec to speed things up. I was only 1cm when admitted and I pictured a looong night ahead. (So, I had my friends bring me a McDonald's hamburger...) However, at about midnight contractions were one one top of the other (so not fun) and by 5:00 I was 5cm. As the pain got worse (I wasn't even able to get out of bed) I accepted a small dose of a narcotic and drifted off to sleep for a half hour. Once the half hour was up, however, the contractions were back in full force and, knowing the glorious job of pushing was ahead, I totally asked for the epidural. I received that at 7am (when I also got the news I was at was almost there!). I was feeling so great from that point on and our families were able to come in and hang out (but just for a while). I started pushing at 8:45 and by 9:27 our not so little 8lb. 14oz. baby girl entered the world!

Michael and I, as mentioned before, had been praying for a holy and safe labor. Avila did really well (there's the safe part) and the holy part couldn't have been better. She was born right in the middle of our Sunday Mass that we attend and also on Latare Sunday - the Sunday of REJOICING in the solemn season of Lent. Not to mention the color of this Sunday was PINK!

Avila is such a blessing. It is fun getting to know her and to figure out this parenting thing. She is such a content and happy baby - except when her clothes are off...c'mon modesty is a good thing!As of Monday she already surpassed her birth weight and is now 9lbs. She is eating well and pooping all too well. Her smiles are coming more and more each day and she even slept 6 hours last night! During the trying times, however, just looking down at her face is enough to know that this huge life change is worth it. We simply cannot wait to see how she will draw people to the Lord, and from the looks of it, through all of your prayers, she has done this already.

Getting her hearing checked!

Snuggling with Mom

Getting dressed to go home...the U of O socks are for Grandpa Salber =)

Welcome home!

Avila's first Mass outside the womb!

Our happy babe

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Kim Rabe said...

She is sooooooo adorable and cute! I can't wait to meet her! I was so excited to see your latest blog and to see more pictures of her. Kris, she sure looks like a lot like you when you were a baby. :-)

Love ya guys!
Kim Rabe ;-)