April 28, 2008

airplanes and automobiles

These past 2 weeks have been filled with travels. On April 19th we had the privilege to witness the marriage of Bill and Ameila in Wyoming. We left on Thursday, flew to Denver and stayed the night with Mike's "bestie," Jonathon. Jonathon happens to be a pilot on Great Lakes Air which we took the next day to Sheridan, WY. If that wasn't enough we drove over the Big Horn Mountains (about 3 hours) to Cody, attended the beautiful wedding the next day, and then drove back to Sheridan after the wedding. On Sunday we flew out early from Sheridan back to Denver and then from Denver to Seattle, barely making the second flight, as our bags didn't! Luckily we carried our car seat on!

Avila did really well throughout all the traveling. The lull of the airplanes were enough to make her sleep - now if only I could bottle that noise and use it at bedtime! It was really good for Michael and I to travel this much with her, as well, because it showed us we can be flexible with a child while still allowing for her needs to be met.

This past weekend I went down to Vancouver to see my parents. Avila had a great time with grandma and grandpa and she showed off her smile and new skills. Next week Avila and I take off again for an exciting visit with Zach, Cheri, Issac, and Aidan over in Spokane. This time we get to brave the airport just her and I!

Avila and daddy chatting

Avila sleeping in mommy's arms

like father, like daughter

chilling in the hotel

after the wedding

looking pretty after Sunday Mass in her new dress from the Eusers

laughing with grandpa


playing the "up/down" game with daddy and standing strong on her legs!

our little cutie

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Mallahan Family said...

So excited - we can't wait to see you two!!!