April 7, 2008

baby update

I'm telling you, I have discovered I can do anything with one hand...including type a blog entry. Avila is sleeping on my left arm, snuggling under my chin (her favorite spot) which means the words here will be short. :)

Avila had her first real smile (not just a sleep smile) on Easter and continues to show it off whenever she can - especially in the morning when she just wakes up. She is trying so hard to laugh, but for now only coughs come out! She also started cooing on her one month birthday and she loves to imitate mom's faces. It is so neat to see her grow and develop into the beautiful girl she is.

Bags packed, on our way out to stay the night at Brian and Marta's last weekend

Avila loves to stare at mom (or anyone else in front of her)

Cooing for mommy

And just before a BIG smile! (she has the same nostril flare as me..haha)


1 comment:

Jonathan said...

That's not a smile, it's just gas.