May 29, 2008

an eerie prophesy

As many of you know, last week the California Supreme Court attempted to redefine marriage by allowing same-sex couples to "marry" in that state. It is hard for me to write on this because there is so much I want to say, however, since college this has been an issue God has placed on my heart and I can't let it go.

When I was a senior in college God called me to a debate I had no idea I would ever enter - at least on the scale I did. I was a conservative with both a Sociology and Education major (two "liberal" degrees might I add) and faced with the secularism of the culture in almost every class I took. In one of my sociology classes we could choose our final project - one of them being a debate on homosexual "marriage." I felt a burning in my heart when glancing over this topic, but was so scared to talk about it both because I had no idea how to debate it against the culture's arguments and because there were over 200 people in my class who, most of them, agreed with the culture. So, I chose the easy way out and wrote a paper on a topic I cannot remember. However, despite my choice, God had other plans.

It was coming down to the end of the quarter and 4 people had signed up to debate for same-sex "marriage" and none had signed up to debate against it. The burning I felt before turned into an inferno and amongst my peers I raised my hand to volunteer for the momentous task. It turned out that 3 other people volunteered to join me, but I still remained the token person, even on my side, that truly believe same-sex "marriage" was wrong.

With God behind me, I began doing research on this topic. If given the chance to present in front of Christians, I felt comfortable with the theology behind the nature of this issue, however I didn't want to bring faith into this particular debate before me. I knew I would be shut out immediately - plus, God gave us the gift of reason and I knew that this logical reason could work. So, I gave it a shot.

The first of the arguments against changing the definition of marriage is that everyone can already legally marry. Marriage is a right given to individuals, not couples. Everyone has the right to marry, however everyone does not have the right to marry whomever they choose. For example, I cannot my brother (if I had one!). I cannot my cousin. I cannot marry a tree. If we allow same-sex "marriages" then this opens the debate for any of the above to be allowed, as well.

This goes for the same argument about the actual definition of marriage. Some people say that if two people love each other then they should be allowed to marry. However, if this definition were "Love," then anything goes. Sure love is a part of marriage, but it is NOT the definition. If it were, then, again, I could marry my brother, my cousin, or the tree I love so much.

Third, even natural law has something to say about this issue. God-designed sexual union was physically created for one man and one woman. It fits. The word union implies that parts are becoming a whole. Nothing becomes "whole" in what some people call same-sex "unions." Nothing is being united! This is not a natural activity, and in fact, it brings harm to those who participate in it.

Allowing same-sex "marriages" just because it is "kind and tolerant" for everyone is not reason enough to allow it. To quote an editorial in the National Catholic Register, "A marriage is not a public honor for a sexual relationship. It's a public protection for society's most basic unit. Marriage laws weren't made to honor the married; they were made to help the married serve society."

To bring faith back into the equation, we must be very careful when tampering with the union that God created to image Himself in the Holy Trinity. Pope John Paul II said it very well when he stated that "As the family goes, so goes the nation, and so goes the world." If the family unit were to crumble then everything else would trail behind it.

Ironically enough, the mayor of San Fransisco said something similar after the ruling last week: "As California goes, so goes the nation." For our sake, I pray that he is wrong...


Travis said...

Hey Kristine!
Well put. Even after my mind was finally converted (Thank you Christopher West for articulating what I always felt, but couldn't articulate, thus didn't think I could stand behind..) I still wussed out of many debates, and so wish I could go back to politely lay the smack down. --just checking old shalomer's blogs and thought I'd say hi.


-Travis N.

Anonymous said...
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