May 27, 2008

one year ago

It's hard to believe that a year ago last May we moved into our home! This is a place that has undergone many changes and holds special memories, even thus far. Looking back, here are some of the things we have done to our house in the past year:

~new kitchen (enough said)
~new plumbing and electrical throughout the house
~fresh paint on all the walls
~removal of the chimney =0
~new stairs to the basement
~added closets to the bathroom and hallway
~new trim around doors and windows
~waynes coting in bathroom and baby's room

and our current endeavors: a garage; laundry, bathroom, and mudroom off the back of the house; deciding on new siding (I'm rooting for shingles); and a new backyard for the little Mauss(es) to play.

Also in our home we have celebrated two huge milestones: our first anniversary and the birth of our first child. This place is definitely not perfect (what home is?) however we have made it our own and we pray that God will dwell here within these walls.

Pope Benedict XVI said that "Peace begins at home..." How true this is. As a woman it is my innate desire to have a home filled with peace - a home that our family will flourish in and a place where others will feel the presence of God. This isn't to say that everything we have and do must be the best, however we are purposefully making a home that is suitable for our family to thrive in while attempting to be good stewards and not go beyond our means. A home is more than just a building- it is a place where children grow, memories are made, and life happens. We hope to create an environment in which this can happen for many years to come.

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