July 1, 2008

What a June...

Oh wow...June has passed and definitely without failing to make itself known. This has been a month of ups and downs and challenges that have stretched all 3 of us to the point of breaking at times. Here is a recap of our month...

May 30-June 1
It all started the first weekend of June when Avila started sleeping less and less and crying more and more, especially during the day.

June 2
Avila turned 3 months old...the "magic" age you read about when crying stops and babies start conquering the world....hmmm, Avila didn't get this memo...

June 5th
Took Avila to the doctor after dismissing the nurse's claim that some babies don't like to nap. It was discovered that she had retracted eardrums (think flying and your eardrums don't pop...ouch!) She was given eardrops, which helped for about a day...

Michael was also out of town at this time and luckily Grandma Salber came up to help!!

June 7th
My good friend Marta and her newly adopted baby girl, Anaya (just 8 weeks younger than her friend, Avila), came over for a playdate. We left the girls with their papas and enjoyed a much needed afternoon away from the babes.

June 11th
Back to the doctor. Things were getting worse at this point. She had more fluid building in her ears, but not a full infection yet. He took a picture of her bellybutton, though, for a coffee table book he's creating! Also, after the piercing screams began, he said Avila has the earliest case of stranger anxiety he's ever seen! Gotta keep getting her around more people, for sure

June 13th
The last day of school! I cleaned out my classroom and said goodbye to the teaching field, at least for now...Being a mommy is definitely a full-time job! (more on this in a later post)

June 14th
Michael passed his second CFP exam...wohoooo!

June 15th - Father's Day!
This day was a true gift. Avila took a much needed 3 hour nap and then we walked Ruston Way and went to dinner for papa. We love you, daddy!

Avila also moved into her bedroom! After a month of sleeping with mom and 2 months in her bassinet, we were ready to graduate her to her own room.
On this day she also grabbed a hold of my shirt and pulled herself up to stand!

June 19th
Avila grabbed my cup and drank water, scooted on her belly, and actually smiled at someone other than mama and papa (go Aunt Kelsey!)

June 25th
Back to the doctor. Avila apparently just got over an ear infection in her right ear and has an imminent one in her left. She is now also being treated for reflux (something I had suspected since 1 month old)

On a positive note, although napping is not her strong point (and crying because of it is), Avila is now going to bed around 7:30 and sleeping for 12 hours at night (besides about a 20 minute stretch to eat)...this is definitely a blessing in a month filled with challenges.

July 1
After reflecting over this past month I am exhausted to see all that God has thrown my way. I am realizing that motherhood truly is my vocation because it is so hard! We still have our up and down days, but there is a ray of hope shining in places that have once been dark...and we just keep marching on...

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Amelia said...

Anaya is pretty cute! So excited for them!