September 14, 2008

Joys of the past week

In no particular order:

~visiting with my sister, Kelsey, as we walked Gig Harbor, grabbed dinner from Metropolitan Market and watched Juno

~getting a sitter for the first time (other than the grandparents) to enjoy a hoppin' evening with my hubby

~Avila taking TWO NAPS longer than 30 min! (she is the queen of short naps...30 min 3x a least she sleeps 12 hours at night!)

~Avila's first word!!! saying "mama" when she wants me!

~sun sun sun

~going to the Bellarmine Football Unity Dinner with Michael, where Avila dressed in a lion costume as their mascot!

~Michael bringing me flowers home on Thursday

~reading Karen Kingsbury books...a lot

~watching reruns of The Office and waiting for the season premiere

~buying a plane ticket to visit friends in Spokane soon!

~dancing with my baby to the radio

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