September 24, 2008

to my hero

For some reason I have been doing a lot of thinking as to what kind of wife I am. Maybe it's all the Karen Kingsbury books I'm reading, or maybe it's God helping me grow. Whatever the reason I'm glad it's on my heart because I have been able to see how important my actions are to the success of our marriage.

Being married for 2 years, it's easy to fall into the routine of daily life with a husband. You get up, do the work or the home thing, have dinner, watch some TV (um, The Office is on in, like, ONE DAY!), and then go to bed. But I have realized that the things I say and do, no matter how small, for my husband during the course of the day will make the difference between a happy or bored marriage in the future.

Looking back, I have certainly done my fair share of complaining to my husband. Whether it be because my day has been "sooooo busy" or because Avila spit up on me a million times or because I'm tired of picking up Michael's clothes off the floor day in and day out. But what I failed to see was how draining that can be to a man who busts his hump in a volatile work environment just to provide for me and our babe. What he needs is not a wife who lays on him all her woes, but a wife that builds him up, that is happy when he comes home, and that tells him how proud I am of how hard he works.

I have learned that marriage is not about what I can "get" from my spouse. But rather, it is about sending him emails that brighten his day, and making sure my tone of voice conveys that I love and appreciate him. It is about respecting his wishes and communicating my needs in a positive way. It is about asking for forgiveness when I'm wrong and about holding him above every other person or thing in my life.

So I write this to you, my husband....

Thank you, my love, for all you do. You protect me, you watch out for our family, and I trust you with all my heart. You help me to change areas of my life I never could, and you draw out the best in me. I only hope I can do the same for you. I pray for your success at work and hope God gives you the grace to be a positive influence on all you come across. Thank you for sacrificing your time and your energy for us. We love you so much...You are truly my hero.

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