September 18, 2008

what a few weekends can do!

As some of you know, last December the thought of putting a shed out back to store our things when we remodeled our unfinished basement ended up turning into building a garage. And since we were building a garage we might as well and an attic and put on an addition! And since we're building a garage and an addition, we might as well re-roof and re-side the house. And since we're re-siding the house, we might as well paint. And since we're painting, we might as well put new trim around the windows and the doors...which leads us to where we are today.

In just TWO DAYS during the heat of July Michael and my dad (two of the hardest working men I know) completed the framing of both the garage and the addition. Since then, on weekends and with the contractors during the week, we have accomplished all of the above (except for the new paint). Avila has been a trooper - sleeping through roofing, pounding, and trips out to grandma and grandpa Mauss' to escape the noise. I have been a trooper, deep cleaning my house every other day. And Michael has been a trooper dealing with the unexpected and stressful events that go along with remodeling.

In the addition, off the back of the kitchen, we put my play space...aka a laundry/craft/mudroom! We also added a quarter bath. There are french doors leading out onto a future deck and another door leading to the walkway into the detached 2-car garage, which is Michael's play space. Over the walkway we will eventually have cedar posts supporting a grape arbor. To the left of the walkway will be a fire pit with flower beds and stamped concrete, and to the right of the walkway will be the deck and the rest of the yard.


Once we finish re-siding, we're going to paint the house a charcoal gray with white trim and light pine accents, such as a new door (the royal blue and teal have to go!). There will be a white picket fence out front and new grass in the front and the back. I'm sure our neighbors will appreciate that compared to the brown stuff out there now! I'm soooo excited to see the end in sight and it's been a great learning and growing process along the way. If anything, it has made me appreciate my husband even more, because after 10 hour days at work, he still has the drive to make our home better.

And, then, after's on to the basement!

this is the back of the garage, and to the left is where the fire pit will be
the new back of the house (before paint and lights and a new deck)
notice there is no driveway going under the house!
all finished...sans paint

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