September 27, 2008

What no one told me

This is what no one told me about being a new mom...

~you have to teach a baby how to sleep

~showers become more necessary (um, spit up down the shirt is not fun) but not as accessible

~it took me 6 months to lose all the baby weight (thanks to Jillian Michael's DVDs) but that I love my body even more than pre-baby

~that I would be joyful about my 9:00pm bedtime

~that changing so many diapers wouldn't be so bad

~that hanging out with a baby all day everyday is so much fun

~that joys would not be found in going out on a Friday night, but rather staying in and dancing to a Baby Einstein CD

~that having a girl would be like having a little dress up doll

~that nap time would be so coveted

~that Saturday morning snuggles with papa and the babe are what I look forward to

~that I would be even more organized than before

~that I would miss her just 30 minutes after she goes to bed

~that family is truly all one needs to be happy

1 comment:

Val said...

I can't wait! :)