October 15, 2008

Happy Feast of St. Teresa of Avila!

Today is Avila's namesake day! We celebrated this feast with a great dinner and a special treat when daddy came home early! St. Teresa was beautiful, poignant, and above all, loved Jesus. It is our daily prayer that our daughter will grow up to be the same.

Avila is finally over her nasty cold and back to her happy self. She is getting more hair everyday (yesss....) and is growing up so fast that I simply can't keep up! She is officially into EVERYTHING and it's become annoying...however I have learned to accept her mobility and am in the process of babyproofing. But no matter what I clear out of the way, she seems to find the smallest piece of lint or food on the ground to stick into her mouth. I even found her trying to catch the dust in the air (!) - you know, the kind you can see in the light coming through a window? Yeah, that dust. She is incredibly perceptive and very detail oriented. She will spend upwards of 30 to 45 minutes playing with the strap on her high chair and even longer playing with her remote (which is a good thing, since she is still such a short napper...momma needs to get things done!). We say good morning to many things in the house and when we get to the crucifix and say "Good Morning, Jesus" she always smiles at Him. She LOVES music, clapping, and is even starting to "sing." But my favorite thing has to be the squealing game we play. Either she or I will make a high pitched noise first, and then we'll go back and forth, squealing to one another. She is so happy and loves to smile at anyone she sees...actually she is a show-off and wants to be the center of attention, but for me, the glass is half full :)

Everyone morning, as I say my morning prayers while nursing Avila, all I can say is "Thank You, Lord..." because I am so overwhelmed with love for our daughter. My love for her grows everyday and I simply can't put into words the joys of having a child.

We ask for the intercession of St. Teresa of Avila upon our daughter and pray that she will grow in holiness throughout her life.

remembering where her toys are...and climbing in to get them

listening to Faith Hill

she LOVES her daddy

pulling up on anything she can find

playing with oatmeal

"cruising" on the furniture

trying a food she apparently didn't like

getting wacked in the face by a tail (look at that frown!)
but don't worry, she loves dogs...and Gina LOVES her

using Gina's hair to pull herself up!

Clapping along to Faith Hill

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