October 30, 2008

our little girl is growing up

Avila is one of the most determined children I know. She gets this look on her face - her eyes gets uber focused, her nose points down, and her lips purse - and when this happens, watch out! Nothing will stop her from getting what she is focused on...not mom nor dad nor the frustration of whatever is in her way. But I know that, if channeled in the right way and with the knowledge that mom and dad are still the BOSS, she will thrive in whatever she becomes.

This morning, while drinking my coffee, I was looking for Avila who wandered into the kitchen. She has been attempting to climb for many days now, and much to my surprise I found her on top of a box. Of course, knowing she would try and get down, I watched as she attempted to crawl off it and subsequently rolled and hit her head on the floor. She has more than added to the bruises on her head! War wounds of learning the world, I call them.

Then, while playing on her new favorite toy (the LeapFrog Musical Learning Table...only the best thing in the world) I had Donavon Frankenreiter in the stereo and she started dancing! Avila is following in mama's footsteps. =) And our little girl is definitely growing up.


on her way to holiness!

wherever I'm at, she'll climb up my leg

finding things that are off limits

one happy girl

watch me mama!

uh oh!

and after a long day of playing, there's nothing like chilling and watching cartoons...this was taken last weekend at grandpa and gradma salber's

Dancing to Donavon Frankenreiter

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