October 8, 2008

Our trip to Spokane

Last week I spent 4 days with my best girlfriends and our kids at Cheri's house in Spokane. Well, actually (as Isaac would say), we were all in the same house for only 24 hours, but despite the short time together we had a blast. I arrived on Monday to 85 degree temps, and we spent the afternoon hanging out on the deck and popping a couple bottles of wine. That evening we threw a surprise bridal shower for Kate where things got a little crazy...hence the reenactment of the pyramid pics from when we all lived together in college!

I love these girls so much. They taught me what it means to be a woman and they are like sisters to me. I also love that we're all having kids at the same time so we can share in these experiences together. We did agree, however, that we have to plan a girls' trip when none of us are either pregnant or nursing. In other words, when we're 50...!

Left to right...
bottom row: Amelia, Jessi, Mary, Kate
middle row: Cheri, Carrie
top row: me!

uh oh!

good morning, buddy!

Mary and her new baby boy, Dominic

all the kids!
from the left: Katherine, Aidan, Avila, Isaiah, Clare, Isaac, and Dominic

Isaiah did such a great job with Avila!

Isaac giving many of his kisses

Avila and the boys

hanging out at the park...

Avila's first time in grass...she hated it! She wouldn't put her knees down!

Avila's first time on a swing!

just hanging out...


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Tom and Carrie said...

SUCH a wonderful few days with you all! Great pics, Kris. Sorry our blog is blocked from everyone currently...I will unblock it after the election. Love you!