October 23, 2008

Visiting Family

"hanging out"

out to dinner

with her grandpa

auntie ashley

auntie kelsey

Well, I'm back down in Vancouver for the second week in a row! Michael is super busy with work and football which makes it a great time to spend time with my parents and sisters. Last week Kelsey and I drove down together, which made it bearable because she kept Avila company during the trip. This weekend we took the train! It's such a beautiful ride along the water and through farmland, with the colors of fall around every turn. Plus, it's super cheap! Avila has become the little traveler - braving 14 flights and a train trip in her almost 8 months of life...on all of which she hardly makes a peep.

I am so blessed to have my extended family close. I don't know what I would do without the opportunity to see them whenever I need or want. The effort is sometimes difficult, packing all the things involved with a child, however the memories and relationships are what count. I just love seeing Avila with her Aunties and Grandparents. There really is no greater gift than family.

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