November 11, 2008

Dancing Queen!

To put it simply, Avila dances all the time. She dances to music, she dances to the ticking of a clock, she dances to silence. She dances in her carseat (which is absolutely hilarious), she dances in her high chair (um, so not easy to feed her when she's doing this), she dances in her stroller in front of complete strangers, she dances while reading books, and she even attempts to dance when someone's holding her - kicking her feet back and forth.

But the funniest episode of dancing had to be yesterday when I got her up from a nap. She hasn't been feeling well (I think she got my flu) and when I picked her up she started coughing. She coughed so hard that she threw up. And what did she do after the puke finished running down her clothes? She started dancing.


Val said...

Sounds like she's taking after mommy!

Michael and Kristine said...

i know! i'm soooo excited to put her in ballet when she's 3 and to start taking classes again, myself