November 9, 2008

A Mother's Intuition

I guess I've always considered myself to be intuitive, however, after I became a mom this skill was definitely amped up a few notches!

Sometimes I'll be in a completely different room, either making the bed or getting ready for the day, when I think, I wonder if Avila just pooped? And sure enough, I'll go in to check and a fresh little batch is waiting for me!

Yesterday I was at the computer, about 20 feet from Avila, and all of a sudden I had a bad feeling that she had something in her mouth. I got up from the chair, raced over to her, and stuck my finger in her mouth. Sure enough, she had a large piece of plastic in her mouth. (We had just purchased a couple of baby gates to put up and we missed a few pieces of the packaging after we picked up.) My heart was racing after I pulled it out, as it could've definitely caused serious choking.

Thank God for a mother's intuition!

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Lindsey St.Hilaire said...

Sounds like a super power! =)