November 13, 2008

my new pet peeve

I sure love my little girl, and I absolutely love watching her eat. She is so cute, picking up cheese or pancakes or bananas in her little fingers and shoving them into her mouth. But with a child who is now eating finger foods, also comes the food that will inevitably wind up on the floor. Hence, my new pet peeve...if I step on one more Cheerio, with its crumblies stuck to the bottom of my foot and scattered all over my clean floors, I think I'm going to go insane.


Erin said...

hehe, welcome to the "I always need to clean my floor" club. Emma's new favorite thing to drop food off her tray to teh floor....then lean over look at it and say "uh-oh!" If it wasn't for the sweet smile that followed, I would definitely not be laughing!

noreen said...

Oh. I am sure you know this is just the beginning. Gwen now wanders about with snacks. I find them everywhere, especially under my feet! I have a really hard time with the messiness, but she makes it all so fun anyway!