November 4, 2008

Our Family Rosary

As written in a previous post, Michael and I have been praying the Rosary Novena for the election. And whether our prayers will be answered tonight the way we hope them to or not, our prayers have not been in vain. Because a gift of another sort has been given to our family.

It has been said that once you start praying the Rosary, you either stop sinning or stop praying the Rosary. In past attempts I have simply stopped praying the Rosary! When I saw my life make transformations I wasn't ready for or I was being called out of myself to sacrifice and follow Christ more, instead of heeding the call it was just easier to stop listening. But now it's different. As Michael and I have been praying, not only is my desire back to pray the Rosary, but I also see how easy it is to fit into our day. For a few days we prayed it after Avila went to bed or I would pray it alone if Michael had football late into the night (he would pray a couple decades to and from work). But last night we said our Rosary together as a family (we decided after dinner works best), with Avila playing with her toy Rosary beads on the floor. At least until she decided to make lots of noise and make us laugh in the middle of the fourth decade!

Yet that's what family prayer is about. It's not perfect, not significantly transcendental, and not what you would see in a monastery. But it is holy, and it is fruitful. Times in the past, when Michael and I have prayed the Rosary together for stretches of time, I have seen how it can change us. One instance in particular jumps out at me. I was grumpy at him for some reason unknown to me now, but we took a walk along the waterfront, found a bench and prayed together. My anger and grumpiness melted away and by the end I grabbed his hand and asked his forgiveness. If prayer isn't powerful, I don't know what is.

I'm excited to see how God uses this new gift He's given us. I'm excited to have our children grow up in a prayerful home and I pray for the strength to continue our commitment, even when it gets tough or we don't feel like it. And may Mary hear our prayers and bring them to her Son.

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