November 24, 2008

Update on the Mauss'

Well, this past week sure has been full...full of ear infections! Avila has had a perpetual cold since the end of September and during the rare days when she hasn't been sick, either Michael or I have been down and out. They funny thing, though, is that Avila is the happiest sick person I know! She'll throw up or have a coughing fit and 2 seconds later she'll be dancing and smiling. (I wish I had that kind of joy!) You wouldn't be able to tell she was sick except for the globs of snot running down her face or the fact that she is sooo not sleeping. I took her in to the doctor last week, simply because she has been sick for almost 2 months. The current culprit is 2 ear infections. And to top things off, after not having one since I was too young to remember, I developed an ear infection, too. (I think it's sympathy pains.) So, after I go in and rub Avila's back in the middle of the night because she can't sleep, Michael has to rub mine for the very same reason!

Despite the sickness traveling around our home, we are doing well. Michael is still busy with work and I'm loving being home with Avila more and more everyday. I'm excited the holidays are upon us and for getting to spend more time with family.

Here are some pictures from the past few weeks:

helping mom rake the yard

I guess for the baby gate to work, we need to keep it closed

getting into whatever she can...literally

um, notice that papa was the one who got her dressed!

with her pants on the right way, she is enamored by shoes...just like her mom :)

praying our Rosary the night of the election

uh oh!

before one of our afternoon jogs, with this one preceding our picture taking below!

our little "photo shoot" on Ruston Way

my cutie pie

caught in the act...either she's pooping or falling asleep

all smiles, despite an ear infection (or two)!

good morning! (after being up all night...)

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Shelly said...

Avila is a joy baby-she is a reflection of your love for her and each other. We understand sickness, we've had it too, but it makes all the well times something to be cherished. Just think of those Mom's without tylenol or ibuprophen just a few years ago, wow, I don't know how they did it. Good job Kristine-she's just sooo beautiful.