December 20, 2008

ah, the snow

Well, as most people now, it has snowed a lot! And although it is peaceful and beautiful it sure is disruptive! We were supposed to enjoy a great evening at Shelley and Jonathan's for their annual Christmas dinner however the weather saw to it that we couldn't make it. We attempted the drive south with Tom and Karol and after both sliding on the freeway and seeing numerous accidents all along the way, we made the decision to turn around for safety's sake. Bummer...

After the change of plans, Michael and I then had a quiet evening in and after we put Avila to bed, we played in the snow! We made a snowman, which included using a large garbage can to make our form (genius, Michael) and then we frolicked like we were 10 again. Soooo much fun! Our clothes are drying in the house and Michael just turned in (which I shall do shortly) and I hope you all are enjoying the beautiful snow, too!

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