December 2, 2008

Happy 9 months, Avila!

Oh my word! Has it been 9 months already??? The cliche rings true that time flies, especially when you're having fun. And I sure am having fun with our little girl. She brings a joy to our lives that is unexplainable. I count every minute I have with her as a blessing, as I know she belongs to God, and I am grateful that He allows me to be her mom.

Avila's new favorite things are singing, saying mama (yesssss), crawling around with my sharpie pens, the ABC's, sticking her tongue out, playing with anything that isn't a toy, going for long walks, and eating anything I put in front of her (except bread). She finally got her bottom 2 teeth in and her hair is growing exponentially (along with her eyelashes). One thing she does NOT like, however, is going to the nursery at the gym! Every time I come back from my workout she has tears in her eyes, but I figure the time away is good for her. My goal is to start getting her around other kids, plus the nursery has more toys than she could ever imagine (and mom needs her daily sanity dose)! She'll like it one day, I figure. Avila's also attempting to exert her stubbornness a bit more. But luckily I'm not a push over, as I make sure she knows mama and papa are the boss!

She goes in for her weight and height tomorrow, so I'll post with that update soon.

Last week we had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We spent Thanksgiving day with mom and dad Mauss, Shelley and Jonathan, and some great friends. We then spent the weekend with my family, and we even braved the crowds in Portland the day after Thanksgiving. On Sunday we stopped at the farm for lunch with Shelley and Jonathan, to get our Christmas tree, and take Avila's 9 month pictures (coming soon). It was a great long weekend and I'm excited for the Advent and Christmas seasons upon us!

Here are some recent pictures:

at mom and dad Mauss' for Thanksgiving

eating homemade sweet potatoes

Shelley and Jonathan and caramel apples!

Joe and Rebecca...aka: awesome friends
visiting my Grandma after her back surgery

Avila and my Aunt Denise...notice the Oregon State earrings?
The Ducks ended up winning and my dad was grinning all weekend

Avila and her great-grandma

Avila and Anaya out to lunch with Marta and I last week
They are such good buddies, even when stealing each other's Panera bread!

It's about time to retire the infant tub! (but it's just so easy...)

With aunt Shelley and cousin "Angus" at Shelley's baby shower last weekend

Grandma Mauss dressed her up in the create-a-diaper game! (Notice the full head-to-toe version. This one's great for blow-outs)
PS: So, I just got Avila up from her nap and she must've know I was dressed for the gym because she had puke everywhere! That little stinker... she's sure not grumpy or looking sick otherwise. I'm not caving that easy. She'll just have to go tomorrow!

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