December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I'm sure everyone can agree that this has been an eventful Christmas season! From being stuck in our homes to having annual traditions and plans change at the last minute, this Christmas will be one to remember.

We spent Christmas Eve with Tom and Karol and were sad that Shelley and Jonathan were still snowed in and couldn't make it. (Just think, Avila's cousin will be here any day now!!!) We ended up calling our good friends, Joe and Rebecca, and invited them to join us Christmas Eve as they are away from family for the holidays. We all had a great time together.

The next morning we woke up (not as early as will be next year, I'm sure) and opened presents with Avila. Michael and I exchanged cards, as is our tradition, and will be taking a weekend trip sometime in the next few months - without baby might I add - to celebrate both Christmas and our anniversaries. It was then time for Avila's first Christmas morning. I helped her read her card from Michael and I and then it was off to the presents. Our children will only be getting 3 gifts from us each year, because if that it enough for baby Jesus, that is enough for them! Avila got a "Mommy and Me" doll set that came with a stroller, a cradle, a baby doll, and her very own diaper bag filled with baby things. We also got her a Mary doll (which ended up being eaten by my parents' dog! Another one will be coming in the mail shortly.). Her third present actually hasn't been purchased yet! I was going to get her a storage thing to stick on the bathtub wall to store her bath toys, but that will have to be an Epiphany gift!

After Mass we went to Michael's Aunt and Uncle's house for brunch and after that we were supposed to go south to visit my parents. They were still snowed in and my extended family's Christmas get together was cancelled so we decided to leave the next morning. We had a great weekend of hanging out, shopping, and spending time with family.

We pray that your Christmas, although probably different than planned, was a time of joy. For Christ is seen in the unexpected and He wishes to come to us (and us to Him) in a special way this Christmas season.

Merry Christmas!

Me and my friend Lorraine, who danced the part of Snow Queen in Tacoma Ballet Theater's The Nutcracker. Not only was this a fun date night with Michael but it makes me want to dance again!

Our little Santa Baby

A "Cradle Catholic!"

Reading with Grandpa Mauss

Enjoying Bouillabaisse and King Crab

With our good friends, Joe and Rebecca

With Mom and Dad Mauss

Merry Christmas!

Kissing her new baby doll!

With Seminarian Bryan at Christmas Mass

Opening presents at Tim and Sue's

With her cousin, Brandon

A piggy bank from Aunt Kelsey

A cute new outfit from Aunt Ashley

My mom and dad opening the wedding album I made for them

Avila's new wagon! (along with papa's new circular baby and his)

Going for a ride with Benny, the dog

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Erin said...

Merry the pics. My girls got a wagon too this year, can't wait to use it. Your daughter is beautiful. Angelica is getting that Mary doll for one of her Epiphany gifts as well, so funny!! We started a tradition this year, by only doing stockings adn a santa gift...adn then on the Epiphany 3 gifts for each other, I talked about it on my blog, we are very excited. It is fun to start new traditions for our family while still keeping old ones as well!! Hope you enjoy the rest of the Christmas season and maybe one day we will meet!!