January 28, 2009

Money can't buy you love...

Recovering from food poisoning, I was watching a show called "20 Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings." (As a side note, both Michael and I are sick with food poisoning. We got tested yesterday and it turns out it's not salmonella even though we ate recalled peanut butter. Needless to say, we have never been this sick in our lives....yuck.) Anyway, out of the 20 celebrities, ranging from Jenn and Brad to Trump and "fill in the blank," only 6 out the 20 are still married! I guess if you're focused on shelling out 2 million for a wedding day, there's not much thought that goes out to the actual marriage.

Switching gears, for all those out there not married yet or planning on walking down the aisle soon, you can totally do a beautiful wedding for not a lot of money. It's all about picking 2 or 3 things that are important to you and not worrying about the rest. It's also about finding out what talents and gifts people around you have, because you will certainly be surprised. Who knew that we knew someone who made wedding cakes? And because I wasn't worried about every little detail and we knew the greater meaning of what our day entailed, God totally provided.

The average wedding costs around $30,000 these days, but ours was less than 1/3 of that. And for 350 guests, I think we pulled it off quite well! I bought my dress off the rack, which cut the price in half, and we asked for our pictures in a digital format so I could put the album together (which I finally finished, thanks to MyPublisher!). Our DJ was an incredible gift from himself and the woman who made my bouquet is a mother to one of my good friends from high school, who is a florist and made it as a gift. Unlike most people we got married in a church, which was free, and had our reception in the church hall, which was also free! The benefit to having it here was the beautiful view from the hall overlooking Bellingham Bay - view also free! I made my veil, and I also bought all my centerpiece items at Goodwill and put together each centerpiece for around $2! (It was black tulle underneath a square mirror and on top of the mirror were 3 different sized small piece of glassware/vases filled with red and ivory flowers or floating candles.)
I think back to our wedding day often and although I would love to relive the excitement over and over there is nothing I would change. It was a spectacular day filled surrounded by family and friends and I take their presence to be a sign that they love and support us and that they will hold us accountable in our marriage. For at the weddings we attend, we shall do the same. God was truly present to us on that day and we are grateful for His love and the love He gave us to share in our life together.

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Tom and Carrie said...

What can I say? I agree wholeheartedly. God is so good to us.