January 12, 2009

Share-Worthy Mondays

In order to add a little spice to our blog, I am starting a new special thing called "share-worthy mondays." There is much out there in the internet world that is not-so-good, but the so-good will be posted here to share with you all. It may be a cool website I come across, a post from another blog worth reading, or even an archived blog entry of our own that would be good to share again.

Here is this share-worthy Monday's post:

The Fire Within
February 24, 2007

A simple thought...

I stumbled across a meditation this morning at the girls' house in Bellingham (aka: the St. Catherine of Sienna house) and I felt compelled to share a piece of it with you.
I won't offer any commentary except for the fact that I fail to live out this call daily, and life definitely calls for lots of time to ask for forgiveness!

Once in a while we should ask ourselves several questions in order to guide our actions. We should ask questions like: Do I know the poor? Do I know, in the first place, the poor in my family, in my home, those who are closest to me—people who are poor, but not because they lack bread? There are other types of poverty just as painful because they are more intrinsic. Perhaps what my husband or wife lacks, what my children lack, what my parents lack, is not clothes or food. Perhaps they lack love, because I do not give it to them!

~Mother Teresa, In Her Own Words

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