February 2, 2009

Happy 11 months, Avila!

Our little girl is growing up! Today she is 11 months olds, which means that in a month she will be ONE! (She is currently hanging on my leg, yelling "down!" which, in her language means "up." Be right back...)

OK, she is now occupied with papa's cell phone.... Anyway, Avila sure has a vocabulary. Her current words are: dada, mama, baby, up, down, hi, low, duck, dog, and "se-sus" (Jesus). She can also sign "all done" and "please." I swear that she is starting to pick up a new word every week. She is also a big copy-cat and it's really easy to teach her tricks! She can point to body parts and make funny faces. She also got a new baby doll set for Christmas, which I totally didn't think she could play with for a while. But when my mom was here last weekend, she taught her how to rock her baby and now Avila takes her baby doll everywhere she goes. She even knows how to use her little baby carrier! Avila's not quite walking on her own yet, but instead of crawling, she will walk around the perimeter of a room to get where she wants to go. Everyday brings a new world for both her and I as we play more and more together and I am amazed at how much kids pick up from their surroundings.

Being almost one also means that Avila is becoming more indpendent - and more defiant. She knows "NO" very well, but has started to look me in the eye and do exactly what I tell her not to. Let the games begin!

Here are some pictures from the past couple weeks:

with her best buddy, Anaya

Snuggling with Grandma

How the heck did she get back here without mom noticing?



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