February 28, 2009

things that are making me happy

I realized the previous post has been up for a couple days and since I'm not a negative person in general I thought I should put something else up! There are so many things making me happy these days, but I'll just share a few:

1) That Avila's fever broke last night (even though she was up crying and hurting all night). And we got a couple hours sleep in a row this morning.

2) Avila is the happiest sick person I know (except at night), even with the flu! You wouldn't know she was sick except for the shivering she does all day.

3) Our baby girl is turning ONE on Monday! We're having a family party today and I am so excited to share with everyone her special time. Plus, I love hosting parties!

4) That my husband is such a big help. Even after working a long day during a stressful time, he still manages to help make our home a peaceful place.

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