March 27, 2009

7 Quick Takes Vol. 1

I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and participate in the "7 Quick Takes" hosted over at Conversion Diary. (A lady who, by the way, was highlighted in the National Catholic Register for her conversion from atheism to Catholicism.)

1. Avila's walking! She is getting more confident in her abilities and is starting to walk from place to place. It makes me realize that our baby girl is not a baby anymore.

2. I'm really really annoyed by our laptop. Michael's had it since seminary and it's held up well - until recently. The "i" key broke off on the laptop part and on our attached keyboard, "z,x,c, and v" don't work. I have to use 2 broken keyboards and it takes me 3 times as long to type anything. I'll offer it up during Lent, I guess...ugh!

3. Avila and I have been playing "dogs" recently. We crawl around the house, pretending to be dogs. I feel stupid on my hands and knees, barking, but at least it makes her laugh! We've also been having tea parties, making forts, singing songs, and playing things that she can do now that she's older.

4. I'm super excited about tonight - we have nothing planned. We're going to rent a movie, put on some sweats, and (of course) eat some popcorn.

5. Ever since I stopped watching TV during the day, I realized how much more I can get done! I also realized how much I like (and miss) 7th Heaven...

6. Our addition is almost done! All that's left before my washer and dryer come up is to paint, and put in the floors and cabinets! Wohoooo! After that it's on to the basement. And with my upstairs being overrun with toys, I'm excited for a new playroom.

7. Even though I am excited for a new playroom, it won't be for a while...which is OK. As long as there is grass in the backyard by summer, it'll all be good!

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