March 5, 2009

eliminating the noise

I gave up a few things for Lent and one of them is not watching TV from 9-5. I used to be pretty good about turning off the tube because I don't want Avila to grow up with constant background noise and never be able to focus or play without it. It is one of my goals in developing a peaceful home. However, lately I have found myself addicted to stupid reality shows (like America's Next Top Model and What Not to Wear) and I would take twice as long to get anything done because the TV was on! So, once Lent started to get close, I immediately knew this had to be one of my sacrifices.

The reason I gave it up from 9-5 instead of all day is to remind me that my job at home is partly just that - a job. Yes, it is a privilege to be home, but it is also a calling that God has ingrained in women and He elevates staying home to the status and honor of a profession. When I was teaching I couldn't postpone math simply because I wanted to find out who won "Top Model" - just as I can't postpone my duties at home. This past week I have found how much extra time I have in my day and how much more relaxed I am with the silence around me. If I need a break I pick up a magazine or read books with Avila. I know this sacrifice will produce much fruit in my life and I hope to continue it after Lent is over.

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