March 11, 2009

the fruits of our labors

As we've mentioned before, one of our main goals as parents is to give our children tools for holiness. At this age it is quite easy, as children copy just about everything you do or they are able to do "tricks" on command. One such trick for Avila is praying. She can fold her hands when we ask her to pray and then smile knowing she did it.

Michael and I also try to pray with her as much as we can. Tonight, at dinner, Avila was especially curious when we made the Sign of the Cross and said our Grace and Hail Mary. She folded her hands along with us, as we asked her to pray, too.

But it was tonight that caught me off guard. After her bath Avila and I say our prayers while I get her pj's on. I told Avila, "OK, time to say our prayers." And once I started making the Sign of the Cross, she intently put down her toy and folded her hands - without prompting. My heart welled with pride, knowing that the fruits of our labors are coming to be and that there is nothing more beautiful and full of worth than a holy child.

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