March 21, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday, Michael!

Dear hubby,

Happy Birthday! I know 30 is a big deal for you and I'm excited to be with you in this next transition in your life. You are an incredible husband and father and I couldn't ask for anyone better to be my partner in life. Thank you for working 12 hour days to provide for our family - especially during this stressful and trying time in the economy. Thank you for helping out around the house - for doing the dishes and picking up and for being willing to sacrifice your down time to help. Thank you for letting me control the remote and for putting up with me when I get bossy. And thank you for being the amazing dad you are to our daughter. I love seeing the relationship you two have and how she lights up whenever she sees you.

Happy Birthday, babe. I love you!
~your wife

Dear papa,
Happy bday! Wow, my papa's old...just kidding dada. I love snuggling with you on Saturday mornings and I really love it when you come home from work. I pretend to talk to you on the phone all day long and your name is my favorite to say. You are the best papa. Thanks for working all day to give me a home and food and a mama I can play with (and annoy sometimes) all day. I love you!

Love, Avila

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