March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Avila!

Today, our little girl (who is becoming not-so-little) turns one year old! We celebrated on Saturday with a party and Avila was in her element, as she was the center of attention. (At breakfast the next morning, Michael, my mom, and I were talking and little miss show off got extremely grumpy because she wasn't our focus!)

Today we started our birthday tradition. I took Avila to Mass, which ended up being more meaningful than I anticipated. I received the Eucharist at the exact same time she was born last year. Avila has been battling the flu for a few days so we spent the day cuddling and playing with her new birthday toys, one of which was a dog puppet we got her. (I wanted to get a puppet so we could have an animal to read to us and share in our stories.) We had a nice dinner with the three of us, and concluded the evening with a tea party! She also gave me a wonderful birthday gift from her to me this morning when, after her morning nap, she feel asleep in my arms! She hasn't done this since she was a baby and it was quite a treat - especially since I was able to provide her with snuggles and comfort when she wasn't feeling well.

Avila is the light of my life. I find myself saying, "My favorite part of the day is when..." and then I fill in the blank with about 10 different things! For example, my favorite parts of the day are when she wakes up in the morning or from a nap, wide-eyed and refreshed, simply wanting to snuggle. Or when she gets excited if I chase her around the family room. Or when we share a smoothie after our morning trip to the gym. Or when we pray for papa while he's at work. Or when I catch her singing and reading books on her own. Or when it's bath time and our sweetie turns into a spaz. Or when...

I am so blessed to be her mom. I couldn't imagine my life without her. The journey over this past year has been incredible, hard, eye-opening, and ever so fruitful. This journey began one year ago today, and I am ready and excited for each new day that, with God's grace, will come.

(ps...I'll post the video soon. It's being silly and won't load. grrrrrr.....)

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