March 25, 2009

The number 23

I have this weird thing with the number 23. A couple weeks before my birthday one year I started to see this number everywhere (my bday is on the 23rd of July...maybe I was just excited). Whatever the reason, this number followed me! On clocks, in license plates, anywhere! When I got married I turned this random thing into something that has been extremely fruitful for me in my marriage.

Now, every time I see the number 23, I say a silent Hail Mary for Michael and I - that God will bless and strengthen our marriage. It has been a concrete reminder for me to always keep our marriage in my prayers and I find myself praying at various times in the day. No marriage is spared from its challenges and we must do all we can to set them up for success.

I challenge you to find small ways to bless and strengthen your marriage and feel free to leave a note sharing how you do so!

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