March 16, 2009

Share-Worthy Monday

Today's post is on a topic I have been wanting to write about for a while. It has to do with Nadya Suleman - the woman we have come to know as "Octomom." People have a right to be concerned, as there are 8 children (plus 6 others) to take into consideration, however the real arguments as to why this situation is wrong are no where to be found among the media reporting this story.

But first I must ask, why - all of a sudden - do people care about babies? I think it's a ploy for people to say, "Look at that crazy person. My life is so much better than hers, therefore I must be doing OK." People need someone or something to compare their lives to in order to justify what they do. It's as simple as that. Some people look to Christ and others look to the world.

The first argument (as stated also in the link below) is that class warfare is at play here. Why are people like Jon and Kate (from Jon and Kate plus 8) who also used fertility treatments and had twins and sextuplets glorified while someone else who does the same thing is battered with abhorrent commentary? Is it because she is poor or a single mom? These are the very people we should love and help the most! Granted, I am sure she has demonstrated mental instability, however this leads me to my next point.

When we take life into our own hands, disasterous things can be a result. Women were not built to carry eight children! But even this aside, human life is destroyed when using in-vitro fertilization. There are many embryos that are never implanted and left to die, or frozen and their lives are never allowed to come to fruition. And even scarier, one of the main points in this case that the media wanted to highlight is selective reduction. This is choosing to abort some of the babies to reduce the number. They branded her as foolish and ridiculous for not choosing this option!

You must read the blog post from A Great Deception below. It gives incredible insight into this issue and it is worth a read:

A Great Deception
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