April 9, 2009

7 Quick Takes Vol. 2

It's not quite Friday yet, but I have a second wind and am not sleepy enough to go to bed. So, I thought I'd put my fingers to the keyboard and share my quick takes from this week. (Sorry I missed last week. I was laying in the sun...he he)

1. Avila's walking has made her naps gloriously longer. She used to sleep for about an hour at a time but that has almost doubled this week! And the best thing about sleep: all I have to do is say "nigh-night" and she starts yawning and rubbing her eyes!

2. I realize more and more everyday what an incredible husband I have. We got in an argument Monday (which was 90% my fault) and then I left to teach Catechism. When I returned late I thought he would be in bed and that I could mull in my pride and grumpiness, but when I walked in the front door he had every candle lit and an apology waiting for me. He stayed up way past his bedtime so we could talk and we walked away a stronger couple than before our disagreement. He wasn't even in the wrong, yet he took the initiative to say he was sorry. I am humbled daily by this man and I am a better person because of him.

3. Today (Thursday) my friend Lorraine - who is an incredible ballerina - came over and we spent the afternoon making cookies and cupcakes and decorating them with two tubs of frosting! Avila had her first cookie and we ate more than we could count. Her and I are going to see Pacific NW Ballet's Swan Lake tomorrow night! Soooooo excited...

4. I sent in (a little late...oops) 50 Red Envelopes for the Red Envelope Project. They are blank red envelopes, addressed to President Barack Obama, and on the back each reads: This envelope represents one child who died in abortion. It is empty because that life was unable to offer anything to the world. Responsibility begins with conception.

5. Avila is saying more words and phrases than I can count. Her new thing is to tell me "Don't do that!" and to ask for juice every second of the day. She also laughs every time someone says the word "funny." She has definitely entered toddler-land and I had my first "giving in to a tantrum" moment at Costco this week when I bought her a book just to avoid a major scene. She may be cute, but mama is the boss and it is my goal to get her to learn that one ASAP!

6. Avila has been walking up to me and giving me lots of snuggles this past week. It truly is a highlight of my day and when I see that adorable girl trotting towards me I can't help but put my arms out and let her hang out with mama for a bit. This is one of the blessings of being home - that I don't have the stress of managing every minute of my time just to get stuff done and I can simply be present to my child.

7. I am excited to enter deeper into the Triduum and, odd as it sounds, to fast even more tomorrow. By letting my body go without I will be uniting my meager sufferings with our Lord's as He offers His sufferings for our salvation.

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