April 10, 2009

The day that God died

Today is Good Friday - the day that our Lord suffered and died...for us. We all know the story but do we make it real? Do we let it sink and and ponder the reality that our perfect God took the ultimate mental, physical, and even spiritual punishment for us? Jesus, who is God, felt the weight of sin so heavily that even He felt abandoned by God - "My God, My God. Why have you forsaken me?" - because sin is deplorable in the sight of the Father. For me personally, I cannot comprehend the magnitude of Love Christ had to go through what He did. I can't even stub my toe without getting upset!

To say it again, this is the day that God died. God, the All-Powerful, All-Knowing Creator, was killed by his creation. But it didn't end there. He conquered death and opened the gates of Heaven for those who drove the nails into His hands: Us. I think it's funny however, that people are trying to kill God all over again. They're trying to kill Him in schools, in marriage, in the family, in politics, even in Church. Just as He was removed from this earth over 2000 years ago, people are trying to remove Him again from every fabric of society. But here's a little something they're not thinking about: God already died. But since His death led to ultimate victory over death their battles will not be won. Whether in time or eternity God will have the final say and His victory will be known and worshipped by all - at least by those who choose to do so.

Today I pray that we can unite ourselves even deeper with Christ on the cross and keep vigil with His mother as we wait for sin and death to be conquered on Easter Sunday. I pray that we take Good Friday and apply it to the rest of our lives, because to obtain resurrection with Christ we must follow Him to the cross first. We must nail our sin and pride and suffer with our Lord in order to experience the glory and peace that awaits us in Heaven.

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Mission said...

kristine - this is a beautiful reflection - thanks - kris