April 6, 2009

Palm Springs

This past week Avila and I had the blessed opportunity to go to Palm Springs with my mom and two sisters - girls' trip!!! It was so much fun. We left early Tuesday morning and spent 4 wonderful days relaxing and enjoying the 85 degree weather. We would wake up, throw on our swimsuits and head down to the pool for the day, and when it was time for Avila's naps I would take her back up to the condo to get some sun and read my book on the balcony while she slept inside.

Avila absolutely loves the water and spent her days swimming, making friends, and lounging in her "chair" while she sipped from her big girl cup and read books - just like her aunties! She earned her reputation as "Super Trooper"once again as she is such a great traveler and was really flexible with whatever went on. (Well, except for the plane ride home, which didn't get in until 1:30am! She was so overtired she couldn't sleep and by the end of the flight she got a second wind and was cracking everyone up on the plane with her tricks...)

Aunt Ashley and Aunt Kelsey also taught her too many new words to count. Her favorite new thing is to "cheers," and she would copy whatever we were doing - even putting on lotion and pushing her own stroller! She definitely kept us entertained and having my mom and sisters take turns with her gave me some great time to relax.

I truly thank God for this opportunity, as I know many stay-at-home moms my age don't get this chance. The fact that we will have these memories with Avila makes all the hassle of packing and toting a 13 month old around worth it, and I can't wait to create some more!

swimming with grandma!

making friends with a girl her same age...

look at me, I'm a big girl!

this is just what I do...mama, make sure to take me swimming this summer!

we couldn't resist posing with the sign...

out to dinner

on el paseo (the rodeo drive of palm desert)

i love my aunties!!!

our balcony...

the view...

all the girls!

keeping myself entertained

"ordering" from the menu

is it really 8:00pm? I'm up late mom!

whew! this trip wore me out. I need a little catnap...if only mom knew what was coming!

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Patty Holland said...

Oh my, Angie was in town for 8 days, just having left on Sunday afternoon. We could have all gotten together for a visit! We live less than a mile from El Paseo! Never come again without letting us know, ok?