April 20, 2009

A Weekend Update

Well, actually, this is more like a week update since we've been away from computer-land for that long! This has been a crazy busy week and I'm sure glad to be starting a new one that's less busy. In no particular order, here's what we've been up to:

1. Our laundry/mud room addition is almost completely done!!! The painting was done last week (during naps and after bedtime...whew!) and the cabinets, floors, plumbing, toilet, and sink were all completed this weekend, with the help of the Master Carpenter, my dad! It looks so great and I can't wait to post pics.

2. I've had a HUGE project at work both starting and ending last week and most of it had to be done at my office, which meant going by myself since Avila officially gets into everything there (except if I bribe her with pretzels and a pretty necklace wrapped around her wrist). I would go in at 7:30pm or try to do what I could before she woke up. I'm glad that's over...I'm exhausted!

3. I don't think I can bring Avila to my kickboxing class anymore because she's found the stairs! I spent half my class on Friday chasing her around the gym and until she gets over her climbing obsession I think she's going to have to hang out with her friends in the nursery.

4. I got to see my parents for like the millionth weekend in a row. I can't wait until they retire up here!

5. Michael and I got away for our first overnight adventure since Avila was born. Thanks to a Father's Day gift last year from Tom and Karol, we spent a night at the Maritime Inn at Gig Harbor on Friday and they watched her! The weather was beautiful, we walked around the harbor, went to the Tides (one of our favorite pre-child spots), and finally "caught up." We've been so busy lately that we've forgotten about each other and it was a good chance to get away from distractions and just enjoy one another.

so, the sign says "Spills Aren't Slick" and I know it's referring to oil spills, but I did take a nasty tumble down the ramp!

6. Avila is a walking machine. We've been heading down to the Ruston Waterfront everyday this week and she'll walk for 30-40 minutes. It's a great place to go not only because of the water, but because there are always two of her favorite things there: dogs and babies. Her new endeavor: climbing...uh oh...

walking down our street. notice the highlighters in hand...

telling me what everything is:

hi papa!

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Neil Patrick Mueller said...

I love the Tides! My favorite place in Gig Harbor.