May 28, 2009


After months of work (and weeks of promising pictures) I present to you my new laundry room!!! Michael and my dad built this from the ground up (literally) and I can't tell you how excited I am to have more storage and to get my washer and dryer up from the basement. There is also a new bathroom and total the room is almost 200 sq. feet. Since Michael also built a new garage, and that is his "man room," I have coined this new locale in our home my "woman room." With each new project that is completed our home feels more and more like our own - and more and more of the inviting and peaceful place we desire it to be.

And one more thing, a HUGE thank you to my dad, Chuck, for all the sweat and hours of work it took to get us here. We would not be able to do this without you and for that we will always be grateful!

(yes, that is my breadmaker...finally out and usable!)

all the cabinets pull out for easy access and I have tons of drawers to store my wrapping supplies and some crafty things. I envision in the future a small easel on the counter top where I can dabble in my love for painting...

they framed in the stairs going down to the basement

the doors to the outside. it's great because I can leave the french doors open and let Avila run in and out with me doing my work inside

the bathroom (sans a mirror - i simply can't find one i like!)

this will eventually be a mud room organizational section complete with a bench, hooks, shelves and baskets for shoes and the like, and that little wall on the right before the bathroom will house my pull-out laundry board! oooooo...


Amelia and Bill said...

Looks AWESOME!!! So much work you guys have put into that house! I Can't wait to see it in person!!!! I hope we get to see each other this summer! I miss you, friend!

Kate said...

WOW. That's awesome. I'm jealous, for sure. Bravo to Mike and your dad!