May 6, 2009

My Lunch Break

At about 2:00pm I hit a wall. I can no longer pick up any more toys or clean any more rooms. After being up and conquering the day from morning 'till afternoon, and knowing that I have an evening of dinner preparation and more duties with my home and family, I take a break. I used to feel guilty about sitting on the couch and watching TV or reading a magazine, but the guilt has subsided as I realize that I, too, need down time. So, I take 30 minutes for myself while Avila has a snack or plays on her own (within sight, of course) and I decompress. I watch 7th Heaven (so addicting) or catch up on some reading. I've found that I look forward to my "lunch break," and it allows me to be on my "A" game at the most important times of the day.

On a completely other (random) note: this stopwatch keeps beeping. I wish Avila had enough words to tell me how she set the alarm...

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