May 7, 2009

Our "Beginning Shrimp"

Avila is starting swim lessons next week! She made it through the "lottery" system at the YMCA and our little girl will be a "Beginning Shrimp" starting on Monday. She'll go 2 days a week (M/W) in the afternoon, which means Michael can take her too. =) Plus, she'll be starting "Toddler Gym" on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Starting these activities is just another reminder that Avila isn't a little baby anymore, but that's OK, because this stage is just as fun!


Anna D said...

That is where my life of swimming began! Parent/baby swim lessons - which started a life time of me swimming - grade school, high school, and on and on! How fun! The tiny ones are the most fun to teach, too!
p.s. you get a prize for being one of the first to RSVP ;-)

alisha said...

She looks adorable! i believe that Swimming classes should be something that a person takes up when young. Kids enjoy it most of the time anyway!