May 11, 2009

Pictures from Mother's Day

The weekend kicked off with a night at our good friend's house, Brian and Marta Deely, who are expecting their second child in two weeks! Since they're adopting, I joke around with her that she's the best looking 9-month pregnant woman I know! The boys watched the girls and Marta, our friend Elaine, and I got a chance to catch up. Of course we ended up talking about our kids (Elaine has a girl, too) but it was so much fun to celebrate Marta and her upcoming baby girl.

On Mother's Day Michael surprised me by bringing me coffee, flowers, and my favorite magazines after I woke up and then we spent the day with a picnic lunch on the waterfront. It was an absolutely wonderful Mother's Day and I love being a mom and a wife more than anything else in the world.

Michael, Avila, and her "best friend" Anaya


Anna D said...

Kris - where did you find that fantastic picnic basket?!?

Happy Mothers Day.

Michael and Kristine said...

I think it was Macy's. I love it!