June 25, 2009

7 Quick Takes Vol. 10

1. I saw the most horrible bumper sticker today. It read: "If you can't feed 'em, don't breed 'em." (I surely hope it was directed at animals and not babies...) It is an absolutely horrid statement, but beyond the statement, the rising proponents of population control - namely controlling and ultimately eradicating the population of the poor - are even scarier. What kind of culture are we that says in order to eliminate poverty, we have to eliminate the poor? This is wrong and not to mention all backwards. The only way the poor will be lifted up and dignified is if we help them, not get rid of them.


2. I have been doing P90X for three days now, and my body is letting me know it's being shocked! After doing the Chest and Back DVD yesterday (think an hour of pull-ups and push-ups) I couldn't take a jar out of the fridge without shaking. And getting dressed this morning? Ouch! Today was Plyometrics (aka: lots of drills and jumping) and once again, I could barely move by the end. I considered myself to be in pretty good shape before starting this program but this stuff is on a whole other level. The food guide isn't that hard to follow - they give you a complicated version with meal planning, or a simple version where you have certain number of portions you can have in each food group. (I follow the easy version...) Tomorrow is Shoulders and Arms (an hour of that, really) and another round of AB Ripper X. The upside? I haven't slept this good in a long time!


3. I have been teaching a Vacation Bible School class this week. The program is fantastic. It's so much fun to be in the classroom again! Lot's of my old teacher-isms are naturally coming out, for sure. I bring Avila along and she has a blast (not to mention takes super long naps afterwards). If you thought "Louie Louie" was funny, you should see her during our praise and worship times. She is dancing up a storm, and all the little girls in my class are like little mommies and totally help me out. It's been great.


4. I have really been enjoying going to football practice. Not only does Avila like to see daddy, run around the sidelines, and cheer the boys on, but it's good for me to see my hubby in action. He is a great coach and when, I mean if, I get grumpy about the late nights, being there helps me to put everything into perspective. I try to go at least once a week and bring a little goodie for the players, too.


5. I really miss when things used to be nostalgic. Like riding on an airplane, or going to a baseball game, or even getting dressed up for church. No one gets excited to fly anymore (well, I can partly see why) and how great would it be to walk through the airport and see people happy and grateful for the opportunity to fly. We've been blessed to fly with Avila quite a few times since she's been born, and each time is just as exciting as the first time I flew when I was just a kid - at least we try to make it fun and exciting. When Lorraine and I went to the Mariner's Game last Friday we, too, wondered how cool it would be to go to a baseball game when the sport first started. And, what happened to people caring about what they wore to church? This isn't to say that everyone must be dressed to the tee, but I think the excuse that "God doesn't care what I'm wearing as long as I'm there" is way overrated. God does care, and our demeanor in His presence indicates our level of honor and respect we have for Him. For Michael and I, we simply say no jeans to Mass (daily Mass is different) and most of the time he will wear a tie and I will wear a skirt or nice slacks. I guess the main question to ask ourselves is if we put thought and effort into what we will wear in front of Our Lord.


6. I really wish I had more than one full day where everything in my house was neat and put away. It's not like there's a lot of clutter around but rather a pile of clothes here and a stack of papers there. I should probably get used to it with a little one (and hopefully more) running around. I guess I really should say I want more than a full day without anything on my kitchen table. And this is one want I can turn into a goal...because most of the stuff on there is mine!


7. I am so grateful for the Providence of God. When we found out we were pregnant with Avila, we were thrilled but also knew it was a couple months earlier than the "plan" we had in mind. And looking back, I obviously wouldn't change a thing. The timing of my pregnancy with the school year and everything else that came to be because of our child was simply authored by God. And now we are relying on His Providence once again. Michael and I have been wanting another baby for a few months now. Like with Avila, things haven't turned out as "planned" but I am sitting here, grateful for the Wisdom of God. When Avila was born, I said that all I wanted was one month without being pregnant or nursing. Well, that has turned into 5 months! I had it in my head that I wanted my babies no more than 2 years apart, and with that 2 year mark passing us by I am truly grateful that God is doing things His way. I am enjoying this time with my baby girl and looking forward to the ways God will surprise us in our family over the coming months and years. I am so peaceful in this moment and am not grasping at anything - and this is the absolute best place to be!


Erin said...

KNow what you mean about order and cleanliness...I am a bit OCD about stuff like that and kids have definitely calmed me a bit in that department....but I always feel like the second everything is in order it takes 5 minutes to completely undo again! The kitchen bar is my pet peeve too...try to clean it every night!!
I will keep you guys in my prayers...I thought when I had Emma only 18 months after Angelica that it was wonderful...and while it was it was so hard, I felt like I had two babies!! Then we tried for several months for this baby becuase we wanted them still close...it is so true that God has HIS plan and we just have to open for it, whenever and in whatever fashion it plays out. So far I have always been 3-4 months pregnant and still nursing!! For someone who does like to have "control", marriage and motherhood has truly made me embrace my vocation and embrace HIS plan.

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Enjoy Avila, Kristine, and forget about the house! The house and its clutter will always be there, ready for you to pick up. Avila will not always be there, ready for you to pick up. I raised seven children and very soon learned that if they were to have a quality childhood, I would have to stop being embarrassed by household clutter that accumulated while I was busy enjoying the time with them. They are grown now and raising my grandchildren -- and following in the footsteps of children first, clutter second. With years of hindsight behind me, I would not change that priority. The hours with my children were well worth any quizzical looks from neighbors and visitors!