June 12, 2009

7 Quick Takes Vol. 8

1. Last night we went to see the newest addition to the Fulker Family: Ellie Sage. Avila now calls all her babies Ellie! She is an absolute doll and another girl to add to the mix!


2. Said goodbye (for now) to an awesome friend from college, Bryan Ochs, who is in Seminary to become a priest (ordained in 2 years!). He was out here in Tacoma for a year and has become an even better friend. We'll miss having him around but we are so excited to see his vocation to the Priesthood come to fruition. The see the influence on the people he's served, coupled with his love for Christ and the Church, has been an awesome witness to what an incredible priest Bryan will be. He will remain in our prayers, along with all other seminarians, that God will strengthen them in their formation.


3. Speaking of Ordination to the Priesthood, this would have been the year Michael was ordained! This weekend, to be exact. I am so grateful that he discerned a vocation to the Priesthood, for 2 years, and that he was willing to give up (and ultimately receive) so much for the Lord. I hope and pray that all of our children will spend time in discernment as to the path God is calling them, as both Michael and I did before meeting one another. I also pray that we will have a priest or religious emerge from our home and we will do all we can to foster the vocations of our children.


4. Mastered this pose at yoga yesterday, after an hour and a half killer class (yes, I do yoga, but only for the workout - which is contrary to what my husband thinks!) Except the split was against the wall and we lifted the bottom foot off the ground a few inches into a handstand. As a result, every muscle in my body is screaming at me, and I could barely do a half hour on the elliptical this morning!


5. Speaking of workouts, I just ordered P90X!!! I have been dying to do this for forever, and since we were planning on getting it sometime in the future, now was as good of time as any! I will forgo the gym for a couple months (except for Avila's classes) and ultimately save money on my workout childcare to pay for the DVD's. I'll let you know how it goes!


6. Said a little prayer for Shelley and Viper today. Prayed that God's Will be done and that He will give His peace. I know what it's like to lose a beloved animal friend and it's certainly not easy.


7. Congrats to my sister, Ashley!!! She is the new first-grade teacher at Christ the King Catholic School in Seattle and she is going to be an incredible teacher. Plus, the kids will love her anyway because she is adorable! And more congrats are due, but this time to my youngest sister, Kelsey. She graduates from Western this weekend (Ashley's and my alma mater)! Pics to come after the weekend, but hats off to you, Kels!


Jessica said...

Wow P90X! Go Kristine! That's a tough workout, but I've heard amazing things about the results...keep us posted!

Michael and Kristine said...

I know...but I'm excited. (excited?) I work out for an hour a day at the gym anyway, so it'll be good to have something kick my butt. I can't wait until it arrives!