July 1, 2009

my favorite moments of the day...

We all have our favorite little moments during the day - things that happen every (or almost every) day that we sometimes don't recognize but know deep down bring us joy. In thinking of what mine are, I get a smile just thinking that tomorrow I hopefully get to experience them all over again!

Here are some of my favorite moments. There are quite a few, but without them my days really wouldn't be the same...

~the first step into Avila's room in the morning and seeing my little girl come alive for the day

~drinking my morning cup of coffee

~talking to Michael on the phone after I wake up

~finishing a workout

~watching Avila turn on the music and dance like a hippie

~the random times Avila will come up and give me a kiss or hug

~singing songs with Avila while she eats lunch

~playing with a really goofy girl on the changing table right before her nap

~getting prayer time in with no distractions

~snuggling with Avila after her nap and sharing a smoothie while we watch a show

~hearing the keys in the door when Michael gets home

~sitting down after dinner and dishes are done

~seeing Avila play with her babies or read books to herself

~bath time, reading books, and snuggling lots before bedtime

~catching up on the day with Michael

~peeking in on Avila before I go to bed

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